Liverpool Brisk Walkers
Liverpool Brisk Walkers - The 'B' Side
All brisk walks will start at 1.30p.m. The starting point for the month is the Sefton Park Boating Lake (Aigburth Vale end). Please note that the mileage stated for each walk is approximate.

Saturday 7th December: Sefton Park/Toxteth Park Cemetery Circular. 6 miles.

First, we make our way to Greenbank Park and do a full circuit of that. The cemetery is more commonly known as “Smithdown Road Cemetery”. We do a full circuit around the perimeter path. The walk ends with us coming along the perimeter path of Sefton Park to reach the boating lake.

Saturday 14th December: Sefton Park/St.Michaels/Otterspool Circular. 3.5 miles.

During the course of this walk we will go through Priory Wood and along the promenade path.

Saturday 21st December: Sefton Park/Wavertree Playground Circular. 5 miles.

To reach Wavertree Playground we go to Greenbank Park and enter the playground from Grant Avenue.

Saturday 28th December: Sefton Park/Greenbank/Princess Park Circular. 5.5 miles.

Three parks in one afternoon make for an invigorating afternoon and some varied scenery. There is very little road walking on this route.

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