Liverpool Brisk Walkers
Liverpool Brisk Walkers - The 'B' Side
All brisk walks will start at 1.30p.m. from the Mansion House, Calderstones Park. Please note that the mileage stated for each walk is approximate.

Saturday 2nd November: Black Wood/Childwall Woods Circular. 3.5 miles.

One of the shortest walks done by the group but usually very popular. We head up Druids Cross Road and enter the Black Wood. Keeping to the left we go down the side of that and reach Childwall Woods by crossing Woolton Road. Within Childwall Woods we take the perimeter path on the left and do a complete clockwise circuit. Exiting the woods the way we came in, we cross Woolton Road and re-enter the Black Wood. This time we do a three quarter circuit of the wood in a clockwise direction emerging at the exit by the junction of Aldbourne Avenue and Druids Cross Road. We go down the latter, cross Menlove Avenue and return to our starting point.

Saturday 9th November: The Bishop's Walk. 4 miles.

We head for the Yewtree Road exit of the park taking the concreted paths which lead us past the pond on our left. Crossing over Yewtree Road, we then go up the public footpath to a junction, go right for a few yards and then left on to paths which take us near the golf clubhouse. There is a public footpath across the course which is part of our route (watch out for golf balls!) and this leads on to a surfaced path which we take to the left until Menlove Avenue is reached. Crossing Menlove Avenue with care, we find Ronnie's path which is a wooded one near the tower blocks and runs roughly parallel with the main road. On this path we pass a curious glass structure on our left. Emerging on Vale Road, we take a right turn up Gladstone Street, cross Quarry Street and immediately turn right on this street walking for a few yards until reaching the Mill Stile public footpath on our left. This brings us to Church Road. Going left our route goes along this road for quite a way until we reach the entrance to Reynolds Park on the right. It is then almost a complete circuit around the park in an anti-clockwise direction before we come out again on to Church Road. Then it is a right turn down that road until the junction of Woolton Hill Road and Beaconsfield Road is reached. We go down the latter road, cross over Menlove Avenue on to Yewtree Road and, some way on our right, is the entrance to Calderstones and the path back to our starting point.

Saturday 16th November: Calderstones Cross Country March. 6 miles.

Leave Calderstones Park via Yewtree Road. Cross to the right. Public footpath takes us past clubhouse and across golf course Follow path alongside Allerton Towers, cross Woolton Road, enter gate and turn left. Then we walk parallel to Woolton Road following a track within the railings. Eventually we reach a junction of paths behind which is an upturned seat which is now completely covered by plants and weeds. Ignore the path to the right (Josephineís Path) on this walk and take the one to the left which initially veers left for a short while downhill and then loops around to the right. Just keep on this path for a long time. After a while if you look down on the ground on the right you will pass two small notice boards in memory of 'John Philip Gore'. At one stage the path will take you near a sports field. Do not go in this field (a common error) just continue along the path to the right and go downhill through the wooded area. At one point there is a large tree blocking our path but just walk around it. There may be mud in these parts. Eventually the path comes up against the cemetery railings. Go left along this footpath with the cemetery on the right. The footpath exits on to Hillfoot Road. Cross over to Camp Hill and go uphill along the path which veers to left and enters Woolton Woods. Then it is out of the woods and on to the High Street. Go left to pedestrian lights, cross the High Street and along to Menlove Avenue. Cross at lights and go right along Menlove Avenue to Allerton Towers entrance. Go through Allerton Towers, across the golf course, public footpath, across Yewtree Road and back into Calderstones Park.

Saturday 23rd November: Childwall Fields and Back. 5.5 miles.

We leave Calderstones and go up Druids Cross Road until we reach Black Wood. We then take the path within the wood parallel to Aldbourne Avenue and come out on Woolton Road which we cross and then enter Childwall Woods. Within these woods we turn right and go anti-clockwise on the perimeter path. After a fairly short while we pass, on our right, a gate leading to a path giving access to some houses. We ignore this and continue along the perimeter path until we see the path into Childwall Fields also on the right. We take the perimeter path around the fields and this continues straight ahead for a while before turning left to reach the slope alongside the rear of the T.V. studios. Going down the slope we exit on to Childwall Lane, turn right for a few yards and then left by the cross and go down the slope towards Gateacre Park Drive. This drive is crossed and we head straight up across Alderman John Village Garden towards the Loop line. We turn right and go along the line for about a mile until we reach the exit which brings us out on to Belle Vale Road. (Look out from the Loop line on the right through the trees for the new houses). On Belle Vale Road our route takes right and across Grange Lane into Gateacre Brow and we continue uphill to Rose Brow. Turning right we reach Woolton Hill Road and go left and up a short way to Woolton Park (the road). Then it is a left turn and the entrance to Reynolds Park is reached on the right. A very short hilly section takes us into the park itself. Itís then a slight right turn and on to the path in an anti-clockwise direction which will bring us out on to Church Road. On Church Road it is a right turn and then along the road until the junction with Woolton Hill Road and Beaconsfield Road. At the junction itís the latter road on the left and we continue along it downhill until reaching an entrance to Calderstones Park on the right. The path is then taken back to our starting point at the Mansion House.

Saturday 30th November: Brunt Lane Circular. 4.5 miles.

Leave Calderstones Park via Yewtree Road. Cross to the right. Public footpath takes us past clubhouse and across golf course. Follow path alongside Allerton Towers, cross Woolton Road and go a little to the right on to a lane. On the left of this lane is the Eric Hardy Nature Reserve and then somewhat further on is Springwood Crematorium. Keep on going and cross over Springwood Avenue. Almost immediately opposite is a public footpath (green sign): take this path to the end where it joins Brunt Lane. Turn right and walk the whole length of the lane until it emerges on Woolton Road not far from the gates of Allerton Cemetery. We then walking diagonally over the playing field and cross over Springwood Avenue. It is then slightly uphill to Drennan Road which leads to Allerton Road. Going left we walk slightly uphill until reaching Heath Road on the left but then cross over and take the path which eventually leads to a junction of paths which we passed before earlier in the walk. On this occasion we turn left and go on the public footpath which crosses the golf course. The remainder of the journey is the reverse of what was done at the beginning of the walk.

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