Liverpool Brisk Walkers
Liverpool Brisk Walkers - The 'B' Side
All brisk walks will start at 1.30p.m. The starting point for the month is the Sefton Park Boating Lake (Aigburth Vale end). Please note that the mileage stated for each walk is approximate.

Saturday 7th September: Sefton Park/Princes Park Circular. 4 miles.

We take one of the paths near the lake and then go diagonally across exiting the park near to Ullet Road. We cross this road and walk down Windermere Terrace prior to entering Princes Park. We then go clockwise around Princes Park and do a full circuit before exiting and re-tracing our steps.

Saturday 14th September: Sefton Park/Princes Park/Greenbank Circular. 5.5 miles.

Three parks in one afternoon make for an invigorating afternoon and some varied scenery. There is very little road walking on this route. Since we have had bad weather on this walk in the past I can safely predict that the weather will be excellent for walking this time.

Saturday 21st September: Paths of Sefton Park and Ibbotson’s Lane. 3.5 miles.

This circular walk is somewhat different as most of it takes place within the park. There are quite a few twists and turns on it. If you have not done this walk before, come along and experience Fairy Glen.

Saturday 28th September: Joyce's Walk: Sefton Park/The Obelisk/Cricket Club/ Greenbank Circular. 3.5 miles.

From start point begin a clockwise circuit of Sefton Park, keep going right round past the obelisk, and past the multi storey flats. Stay on the park perimeter road, until you see the pavilion of the Cricket Club on the left, and take the path at the far right of the cricket ground. Continue ahead on Greenbank Drive, then a very short walk along Smithdown Road, turn right at the garage which brings you to Greenbank Park. Take the upper path to the right of the lake and exit on to Greenbank Lane. At the bottom of Greenbank Lane, turn left, and complete the circuit of Sefton Park.

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