Liverpool Brisk Walkers
Liverpool Brisk Walkers - The 'B' Side
All brisk walks will start at 1.30pm. The starting point for the month is outside the Harvester Pub and Grill (The Otters Pool) at the bottom of Jericho Lane. Please note that the mileage stated for each walk is approximate.

Sat 7th October: Denise's Walk (Peter's Version): Otterspool/Sudley Circular. 6 miles.

This walk includes the promenade path, public footpaths near Liverpool cricket ground, Sudley Park, and the wooded area off Mersey Road.

Sat 14th October: Otterspool/Grassendale Circular. 3.5 miles.

The walk will include a section of Otterspool wood, paths near Liverpool Cricket Ground, the Mersey Road wood and the promenade.

Sat 21st October: Otterspool/St. Michael's Circular (Longer version). 4.5

We head down the promenade path towards the city and, after a mile or less, we turn right and pass the former Garden Festival site on our left. A footpath brings us to a road but we turn left and walk a few yards so that we can use the pedestrian crossing which leads us to Priory Wood. Exiting we are in the St Michaels area. We cross Aigburth Road at the bottom, pass the library and turn on to Livingstone Drive. At the junction we take the road on the right which is Livingstone Drive North and then cross Sefton Park near the cafe towards the far perimeter path before returning to Otterspool via the wood.

Sat 28th October: Otterspool/Priory Wood/Princes Park/Sefton Park Circular. 5 miles.

We walk along the promenade to the St. Michaels area and then head towards Priory Wood. After exiting the wood we are near the railway station. There is then a fairly short section of town walking which leads us to the busy junction of Ullet Road and Aigburth Road. Crossing over to Belvidere Road we go into Princes Park. We then go across the park and exit near to Windermere Terrace which we go down and then turn right towards Ullet Road which we cross with care. Entering Sefton Park we go past the monument and head towards the café. From there we take the path by the side of the lake and continue until we reach the car park. After that we cross over the busy road towards Aigburth Vale and then go through the underpass beneath Aigburth Road. We emerge near traffic lights and cross over into Otterspool Wood. This emerges on to a grassed area and a path which first loops to the left and then right before taking us back to our starting point.

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