Liverpool Brisk Walkers
Liverpool Brisk Walkers - The 'B' Side
All brisk walks will start at 1.30pm. The starting point for this month is the Mansion House, Calderstones Park. The mileage stated for each walk is approximate.

Sat 3rd February: Allerton Cemetery Walk. 6 miles.

This walk includes the golf course, Brunt Lane and a section of the cemetery.

Sat 10th February: Allerton Park Golf Course and Clarke Gardens Circular. 4.5 miles.

There are two paths within this walk which may be muddy. These are part of the Eric Hardy Nature Reserve which we have explored in the past as part of the Cross Country March.

Sat 17th February: Calderstones / Brunt Lane Circular. 4.5 miles.

We head up to the Allerton Park golf course, cross it with care on the public footpath and continue down a lane which leads to Woolton Road. Going a little to the right we then walk down the lane, part of which has Springwood Crematorium on the left, and we keep straight on to Brunt Lane. The route is then right on to Brunt Lane and we walk the whole length of this before emerging on to Woolton Road near the gates of Allerton Cemetery. Our return route to Calderstones includes playing fields, Drennan Road, part of Heath Road and then the golf course and the paths we went over at the beginning of the walk.

Sat 24th February: A Taste of Everything (reverse route). 5 miles.

This is a really varied walk which takes in different sections of the many routes which we take from Calderstones Park. We will do this route in the reverse order to what has been done in the past. The walk will include parts of Reynolds Park, Gateacre, The Loopline, Childwall Fields, Childwall Woods and Calderstones Park.

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