Liverpool Brisk Walkers
Liverpool Brisk Walkers - The 'B' Side
All walks will start at 1.30p.m. from the Mansion House, Calderstones Park. Please note that the mileage stated for each walk is approximate.

Saturday 3rd August: Calderstones Circuit plus Clarke Gardens and Return. 6-7 miles.

Firstly, we do a complete circuit of the park which in itself would be ideal for somebody who just wants to do a short walk on the day - about 2 miles, we reckon. After that itís out of the park on to Yewtree Road and then the public footpath to Allerton Manor Golf Course. We cross the course and then take the path to Woolton Road which we cross before going down the lane towards the crematorium. However we turn off this lane half way down to the right and go around Clarke Gardens (path and then grass) before re-tracing our steps to the Mansion House.

Saturday 10th August: Cross Country March (Summer Version). 6 miles.

The walk is almost rural in character and is always much appreciated by those who do it. The first part of this walk is the same as the trek described in last weekís walk from the park to Woolton Road. At that point we turn left and walk parallel to the railings before turning right into the wooded area. This may be muddy. Eventually we come out near a public footpath alongside the cemetery which we go down. We come out at Hillfoot Road which we cross and then head up Camp Hill, through Woolton Woods and on to the High Street. Going left at the pedestrian lights, we cross the High Street and go down to Menlove Avenue which we also cross before making our way into Allerton Towers. From this area there are a number of different routes back to our starting point.

Saturday 17th August: Voyage of Discovery. 6.5 miles.

The walk is a somewhat winding circular route which includes the Black Wood, Woolton Park, the Loopline path, Alderman John Village Garden, Childwall Fields and Childwall Woods. Just when you think itís all over, there is a circuit of the Black Wood before returning to Calderstones via Druids Cross Road. Great walk but be prepared for mud.

Saturday 24th August: Calderstones/Black Wood/Childwall Woods Circular. 3.5 miles.

This was the first walk ever done by the group and is the shortest one. We go out of Calderstones and cross over Menlove Avenue into Druids Cross Road. From there we head for the Black Woods and go down just one side exiting at the other end and crossing over into Childwall Woods. A full circuit of the latter woods is done and then we return to the Black Woods doing a three-quarter circuit before returning to our starting point at Calderstones.

Saturday 31st August: Calderstones/Blunt lane. 4.5 miles.

We will go over Allerton Manor Golf Course and on paths near the cemetery.

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